It takes hard work to solidify
project requirements…

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does it for you

How It Works

Measure Project
X-Small (XS), Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L)
-Meet with Code A Site Sales Partner.
-Receive order-of magnitude estimate.
Check fit to available budget
-Determine whether magnitude estimate lies within available budget.
-Inform your Sales Partner.
-Help us to help you. Invest in quality.
-The payment will be credited to the project cost if you proceed with the project.
Gather Requirements & Receive Estimate
-Attend between 1-4 sessions of Requirements Gathering
-Receive detailed product backlog and estimate from Code A Site.

We believe that...

  • Outstanding requirements gathering requires skill and experience.
  • Your method for analyzing requirements can have a significant impact on project success.
  • The right method should lead to visualization of project goals through the product backlog.
  • The initial product backlog is a good starting point, but requirements gathering never truly stops until the end of the project.
Code A Site has refined its process through years of experience.
As a result, we begin every project with a solid understanding of the client’s goals and wishes.