Document Manager

This application for SharePoint and SharePoint Online auto files your documents with the right type and appropriate permissions.


Auto Create & Populate Documents & Permissions, Improve Navigation

The Document Manager App saves you time by streamlining your paperwork processes.  Easily collect basic information, populate documents and file them in the right place.
document manager accounts projects example

Key Benefits

Be More Productive with an organized SharePoint Library

Stay Efficient with faster search and custom metadata

Save time on file creation with folder set-up automation

Relax More with Enhanced File Security


  Without Document ManagerWith Document Manager
Average File Creation Time 30 minutes 30 seconds
Automatic File Creation icon icon
Average File Search Time 5 minutes 5 seconds
Custom Metadata icon icon
Template file hierarchies Included icon icon
Retroactively Apply File Hierarchies icon icon
Automatically Enforce Consistent File structure icon icon
File Versioning Management icon icon
Set User Permissions icon icon